Welcome to Holy Carabao Farm School

Welcome to
Holy Carabao Farm School

A real regenerative farm where you can have fun learning about food, health and the environment.

Workshops, Classes & Farm Tours

Going to Holy Carabao?

Take SLEX Southbound, then take ETON exit, then follow the road towards Sta. Rosa/Nuvali/Tagaytay.

Before Nuvali, you will see a huge Sta. Elena sign on your left. It’s across Jolibee Vista Mall and All Day Supermarket.

Make a LEFT at that sign. Drive past La Residencia, Three Monkeys, and keep going until you hit a roundabout.

Turn RIGHT at the roundabout. Go straight until you see a guard house. Inform the guard that you are going to Acacia Waldorf School. The school is about 1-2km from the guard gate. You will see the school on your left side. Make a U-turn when you see the school to your left.

Our farm’s entrance is right beside and after the school gate. There is no sign at the gate. It is a black metal gate. Park outside and enter on foot.

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About Us

Discover the heart of Holy Carabao – where nature thrives, and connections flourish. Get to know us, two Filipino moms with a love for eco-friendly spaces in Laguna.

Hindy Weber, Co-Founder

Hello! I am Hindy Weber Tantoco, co-founder of Holy Carabao Farm and The Farm Shed. I’m a fashion designer, and holistic lifestyle advocate and educator. I am a student of nutrition, biodiversity, ecology, soil and water ecosystems, children’s curative education, and somatic energy movement. My devotion to my family has led me to a wide array of interests and vocations. Holy Carabao Farm and The Farm Shed is one such endeavor that we use to share our knowledge, celebrate our roots, and build community. I love to go barefoot, grow food, engage with animals, cook hearty meals and celebrate with friends and family - preferably outdoors.

Sustainable Living Tip: Know Your Farmer!

Melanie Teng-Go, Co-Founder

I am Melanie Go, the other Mama of Holy Carabao farm and The Farm Shed.  My interest in holistic wellness and natural living has gone from self, to home, to the greater environment.  It is my education and experience in holistic health, Building Biology, sustainable agriculture and food systems that have led me to an innerstanding that we are nature, and not separate from it.  I am a Water Restoration Professional-in-training.  I dream of restoring the health of our watersheds and ecosystems.  It is our life’s work at Holy Carabao to awaken soil savers, water wizards and Earth warriors in all of us.

Sustainable Living Tip: Keep asking why!

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